My name is Jorge Martínez Garrido and I am the author and maintainer of this website.

By the end of 2019, I decided to buy a custom domain and setup my personal site. The main reason was to own a place were I could share my work and thoughts on different topics. In particular, I am interested in scientific computing, aerospace engineering, electronics, ham-radio and classic cryptography. You can tell, without any doubt, that my truly hobby is learning whatever kind of subject interests me!

That same year, I adopted a blue merle border collie puppy which I named Loup. He has been my friend since that day and we really enjoy learning new tricks and having trips around the mountains near home.

During my free time, I contribute to open-source projects, being my favorite one the poliastro library. It was in this project where I truly developed my programming skills thanks to the help of other contributors. At the moment, I am one of the core developers of poliastro and a GSoC mentor of the project.

I also like building recreational flight simulation gauges, which make use of Arduino and interface with popular computer flight simulators. Some years ago, I decided to start a Youtube channel to teach other people about this skill. You can find more information about this topic by watching the series on How to build a custom flight simulator. You can also find other lists about engineering courses such us Differential Equations series or Fluid Mechanics course, which became very popular on the platform.

Although I could develop a little bit more about myself, you will probably better know me after having a look to the different posts and content of this website. If you wish to now more about me or my projects, you can always contact me at this e-mail address.