My presentation at the ICATT 8th Edition

Jorge Martínez Garrido

Some months ago, I started implementing a collection of modern Lambert’s problem solvers under the supervision of professor Manuel Sanjurjo Rivo. The goal was to identify which algorithm performs the best. As a result, a Python library named lamberthub was born, providing all implemented routines and utilities for testing other solvers. The preliminary results were presented at the ICATT 8th Edition.

Welcome to my website!

Jorge Martínez Garrido
Welcome! My name is Jorge Martínez Garrido and during the last months I have been using different static generators to build my own webpage. In fact, this website was originally built with Jekyll although some weeks later, I decided to switch to Pelican. However, it makes use of Hugo nowadays to build all of its content. I must confess that Hugo never attracted me as Pelican or Jekyll did. Well, that was till I found its amazing collection of themes.