About me

My name is Jorge Martínez Garrido and I am an undergraduate aerospace engineer. After joining university, I became interested in scientific computing applied to the aerospace world, in particular to orbital mechanics branch.

While in my free time, I like to contribute to open-source projects related with previous sciences or develop my own codes. Most of those are completely written in Python, a programming language I feel very comfortable with. Nevertheless, I have experience with Matlab and C too. You might also find some of my projects being related with flight simulation gauges or templates for academical writing. Anyway, the common thing between all of them is its open-source nature. The only way this world will become truly free is through knowledge sharing.

In 2019, I applied to the Google Summer of Code coding program. I was selected for the poliastro project, a pure Python library which provides an API for solving common orbital mechanics problems. Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez, the original and main author of the project, helped me a lot since I joined the project. At the moment, I am one of its core developers. By the end of 2020, the project was granted with NumFOCUS support for developing a validation repository to check most critical software features.

But not everything in my life is related to programming. I also like to have fun with my dog. Loup is a border collie, a very smart and active dog. He knows several tricks and really enjoys going outside to make new friends. Sometimes, I envy his life: we (humans) should learn a lot from animals and stop caring about non-vital things that society makes us think to be important.

I used to be a light sport aircraft pilot but after some time, decided not to keep flying. It is not I no longer like aviation, but preferred to focus and direct all my efforts towards other abilities. The figure below these lines is a landscape of Aeroclub of Castellón, the airfield where I learned how to fly aircraft. I really miss spending my weekends there: flying in the mornings, having launch with the rest of the pilots and reading aviation journals in the control tower till the day was over...

Back in 2018 I also got interested by Ham Radio and started studying for the official exam. Finally, I was able to pass it and got my call sign: EA4GXZ. The truth is that because my lack of equipment, I am not able to make contacts from home. Therefore, my activities related with this hobby can be considered null. I hope one day to have an small radio station so this situation can change!

Finally, by the end of 2019 I decided to setup up this website to have a place were sharing my content. It is true there are plenty of platforms for blogging and carrying out this task in a more easy way, but if you always take the easy path, you end up learning nothing at all. Therefore, I encourage you to navigate through all the different available resources from this website and I hope you enjoy them.