Welcome to my website!

Welcome! My name is Jorge Martínez Garrido and during the last months I have been using different static generators to build my own webpage. In fact, this website was originally built with Jekyll although some weeks later, I decided to switch to Pelican. However, it makes use of Hugo nowadays to build all of its content.

I must confess that Hugo never attracted me as Pelican or Jekyll did. Well, that was till I found its amazing collection of themes. And not only that, Hugo is extremely fast if compared to both previous generators when it comes to build your site.

The theme I am using is called Mainroad, which provides a responsive and elegant layout. With some modifications, I was finally able to setup this site as I always wanted to.

Hopefully, more content will be available soon, covering from scientific topics to more personal ones about my day to day experiences. This blog does not provide a comments section, so in case you are interested to contact me, feel free to send a plain-text email (no fancy HTML) at this e-mail direction.

Thank you for reading and hope you like the content I will be publishing!