Within this page, several projects which I contribute to are listed. All of them are open-source, meaning that the whole logic behind the project is available to the public. Links and other useful resources for reader to know more about each one of the projects are provided.

The Astrobook: an open-source book on astronomy

The Astrobook is an open-source book on astronomy, focused on celestial and orbital mechanics. Because its digital nature, it is possible to serve it online, being accessible to readers all over the world.

This work is far to be finished and just a simple demo is available. Unfortunately, technical writing requires a deep knowledge which at the moment, I am devoting to other more critical projects in my life.

Anyway, I hope to come back soon to this project and keep learning lots of things while working on it.

lamberthub: a collection of Lambert’s problem solvers implemented in Python

The library was born as a result of a performance comparison study between different Lambert’s problem solvers. The preliminary results were published in the 8th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques. The report, titled A critical review on the state-of-the-art of Lambert’s problem solvers is fully accessible.

The performance comparison work is still under development and it is expected to be finished and published by October 2021 as part of the author’s final thesis in aerospace engineering. Once completed, the document will be made public so anyone can benefit from it.

poliastro: astrodynamics in Python

I am an active member of the poliastro library, being one of the GSoC mentors together with Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez, the original author of the software.

Since I joined the project by the end of 2018, most of my work has been devoted to the implementation of new features, although I have also performed some code reviews. However, the thing which I valuate the most is the amount of skills I have acquired by contributing to this project.

ESCRIBA: efficiently manage and automate LaTeX based academical works

The ESCRIBA project is simply a LaTeX project layout for efficiently managing academical works. It ships with different automated commands via Makefile for:

  • Compiling and linking Asymptote based figures.
  • Execute any sort of binaries (Python scripts are the default ones).
  • Reformatting LaTeX files via latexindent.
  • Building project’s bibliography with biber.
  • Cleaning junk and auxiliary LaTeX files inside project’s directory.

If you want to know what ESCRIBA can do for you, please refer to the official ESCRIBA user guide.